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Architecture is a matter of public interest for everyone in Rotterdam and a development force for the city’s next collective task. That is what AIR stands for. It is why we are working to cultivate a vital architectural climate and a culture of making the city together. Our mission is to open up the conversation about the design of the city to a broad audience and to bridge the gap between culture and urban development, imaginating and making, and thinking and doing.

College van Rijksadviseurs

The Board of Government Advisors (CRa) is an independent advisory board that advises the Dutch central government on spatial quality. Our work deals with the urgent topics of today; from the spatial impact of the energy transition to bio-based construction techniques, and from sustainable mobility to new cultural landscapes. Our team consists of around 40 people that use design thinking to develop and promote an integrated and innovative approach towards contemporary social and spatial challenges within national projects and policies. We believe that spatial designers can contribute to a joint perspective and to bring the desired future closer. The combination of looking far into the future and learning from the past allows us to find out what we need to do now. And above all: what we must not do.

Het Nieuwe Instituut

Het Nieuwe Instituut is the Netherlands’ national museum for architecture, design and digital culture. Located in the city of architecture, Rotterdam, in the Museum Park with Kunsthal Rotterdam and Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen as neighbours, Het Nieuwe Instituut has various exhibition spaces, a museum shop, a museum café (with the city’s loveliest terrace), an auditorium, educational spaces and a garden. The impressive architecture collection that the institute manages can be freely consulted in the Research Centre.

Independent School for the City

The Independent School for the City is an international meeting place and knowledge exchange center which approaches the contemporary city in an interdisciplinary, conceptual and pragmatic way. The School develops activities in which (future) professionals who work on the city are confronted with the complex issues that cities such as Rotterdam are struggling with. The school is an initiative of Crimson Historians and Urbanists and ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) and is rooted in their practices of combining a critical and activist approach to the city with effecting real change through architectural and planning projects. The independent school for the City is founded on a strong belief in an incremental instead of a tabula rasa approach to city planning which blurs the lines between critique and practice on the one hand, and research and policy on the other.

Kuiper Compagnons

KuiperCompagnons provide services for the development of innovative and integrated spatial (re)development visions, strategies and designs. Improving the individual systems that make up a city will increase the liveability of the city overall. They focus on the critical needs of people within the diverse systems of the city and place people central when searching on how we can contribute to improve the lives of growing number of people in urban areas around the world. Water, energy, food and shelter need to be secured to sustain the next generations into our megacities of the future. Stable economies, strong leadership, cohesive and engaged communities, employment opportunities, healthy environment and qualitative and accessible education is required to create liveable and loveable cities.

Orange Architects

Orange Architects is an office of thinkers and makers. The office strongly believes in a concept-driven approach to the assignment, one in which ideas are developed in depth and are critically assessed in terms of content, durability and feasibility. Orange Architects strives for local and unique projects that resonate with people and align with the environment in which they live. All their projects come to life on the strength of an inspiring and unifying concept. Translating this concept into a convincing and feasible building calls for expertise, right down to the detailing.

Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency is the national institute for strategic policy analysis in the fields of the environment, nature and spatial planning.
We contribute to improving the quality of political and administrative decision-making by conducting outlook studies, analyses and evaluations in which an integrated approach is considered paramount. Policy relevance is the prime concern in all of our studies. We conduct solicited and unsolicited research that is independent and scientifically sound.


At PosadMaxwan we believe - as urban designers - in healthy, sustainable, smart cities. More and more people are moving to urban areas, even as cities face major challenges around climate, mobility, health and inclusion. It’s a complex puzzle that calls for new spatial solutions.

TU Delft

Top education and research are at the heart of the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. Our 8 faculties offer 16 bachelor's and more than 30 master's programmes. Our more than 25,000 students and 6,000 employees share a fascination for science, design and technology. Our common mission: impact for a better society.