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Panorama Ukraine: Healthy and Future-Proof Neighborhoods Workshop

Date: Tue 11 June – Fri 14 June 2024
Location: IHS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Panorama Ukraine explores resilience in the areas of water, housing, mobility, energy,
governance, circular economy, biodiversity, and agriculture. Within these themes, it is
developing a series of events to distil an integral methodology to connect long-term
goals and strategies with short-term needs and emergencies. Panorama Ukraine co-
creates knowledge, experiences and practices developed in EU countries, in particular in
the Netherlands, and builds on these insights to create a vision and strategies for the
future of Ukraine.
With Healthy and Future-Proof Neighborhoods, Panorama Ukraine aims to explore and start with redefining neighborhoods for the 21st century and beyond. A 3-day workshop will be hosted in Rotterdam from June 12-14, 2024, with an opening presentation on June 11. The short time span will serve as a pressure cooker, where we will facilitate Ukrainian and Dutch stakeholders to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for specific cases. These cases can then also be used as examples for more systemic changes.

For Healthy and Future-Proof Neighborhoods, we will work with six case studies: Drohobych, Ohtyrka, Kherson, Voznesensk, Kramatorsk and Klesiv. The Panorama content team together with our extensive network of UA and NL experts and designers has identified a number of sub themes we think are crucial for exploring the neighborhoods:

integral sustainability

inclusive participation (diversity)

human scale & community

gradation between public and private space

local identity

live, work & recreate (balance)

active, diverse program

healthy public space & landscape

multimodal accessibility

feasible development (finance + legislation)

housing models and policy (incl social impact and IDP)

migrant integration (housing, work, amenities)

safety (bomb shelters)

growing & shrinking strategies

The content team also envisages 3 different timeframes for approaching the case studies: short-term emergency response, mid-term actionable/ operational concepts and long-term strategies.

The participants of this workshop will be supervised by Ukrainian and Dutch architects and urban planners from multiple offices, including Archimatika (UA), ATO-Bel Architects (UA), Breus Oleksii (UA), Bright (NL), College van Rijksadviseurs (NL), GA (UA), KCAP (NL), Orange Architects (NL), PosadMaxwan (NL), Prescription (NL), Urban Curators (UA), Urban Reform (UA) and ZUS (NL).
@IABR / Sabine van der Vooren
@IABR / Sabine van der Vooren
Participating in the workshop
During the workshop, we will work towards results in the form of design solutions, visions, tools and real projects. Therefore we seek participants with a certain profile.

Participant profile:
Students or (young) professionals of below fields are invited to join the workshop and form the core of the research teams.

urban designers

urban planners

architects / designers

Professionals with other relevant backgrounds are also welcome to join the teams, for example from the fields of social scientists, geographers, policy specialists and real estate specialists.

If you don’t have a background in any of these fields, but still would like to participate, we urge you to tell us why in a short motivation (see field in application form).

Deadline to fill in the form: 02-06-2024
To participate please complete the form.
Panorama Ukraine is a joint project of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), Ukraine – the Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN), the Dutch Board of Government Advisors (CRa), Nieuwe Instituut (NI), the Independent School for the City, and the Vereniging Deltametropool (VDM) and generously supported by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW).


feb 22

The reconstruction of Ukraine

Discussion «The reconstruction of Ukraine» with Patrick Meijers, Oleksandra Tkachenko, Julia Westerveld-Soldatiuk and Lilet Breddels was held on the 19th of February at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam.
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aug 07

TU Delft course ‘Tools for Postwar Urban Recovery: Ukraine’

TU Delft in partnership with UNUN (Ukraine -The Netherlands Urban Network) and Ukrainian colleagues provided an online course on May-June 2023.

List of lectures

This course discusses spatial strategies for an integrated urban recovery in post-conflict settings. It investigates the process of reconstruction and what “building back better” implies: tackling inequalities, strengthening the capacities of local actors and pursuing a green, resilient and inclusive economic recovery anchored on sound spatial planning, design and policy.
This course was given by a team of academics & experts from several institutions.
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may 02

Report: Ukraine’s housing recovery forum – rebuilding a place to call home

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has just published a report based on the symposium ‘Ukraine’s housing recovery forum – rebuilding a place to call home’.

The report responds to Ukraine’s ambitions for the recovery of homes and neighbourhoods. It calls on policymakers in Ukraine, partner countries, and international organizations to give strategic attention to safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing in future recovery efforts.

English and Ukrainian versions can be found here
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apr 19

Webinar: Post-war Reconstruction strategies

The webinar took place on 18-05-2022 and featured good case practices of recovery after war or natural disasters. Hosted by IHS Rotterdam (Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam).
Speakers: Anila Bejko, Pavlo Fedoriv and Claudio Acioly Jr.
Moderator: Oleksandra Tkachenko.
You can find a record of the webinar here
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apr 04

Article ‘Ukraine’s housing recovery forum – rebuilding a place to call home'

We are happy that new connections between Dutch and Ukrainian organizations (PBL and New Housing Policy) keep developing with follow-ups.

We are excited to share with you an article published in Housing Finance International by Julie Lawson, Oleksandr Anisimov, and Edwin Buitelaar. This article is a follow-up to our event, "Ukraine's Housing Recovery Forum – Rebuilding a Place to Call Home."

Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the challenges facing Ukraine's housing sector and the best practices that can be implemented to address them. We hope that this article will serve as a call to action for policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders to work together to improve the housing situation in Ukraine
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nov 02

Launch of UNUN at City Makers Congres

On Friday 4 November UNUN will be publicly launched at the City Makers Congres in Rotterdam. In a short Q&A, Ukrainian urban planner and initiator of UNUN, Oleksandra Tkachenko, talks to Chief Government Architect Francesco Veenstra. They will discuss the Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation in which spatial design professionals will use their collective brainpower for the reconstruction of Ukraine. This will also be the official launch of unun.nu, our online platform.
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sep 08

Build Ukraine back together – A call for exchange and creating networks

While the war in Europe is still an everyday reality, people around the world are starting to think about the rebuilding of Ukraine. This weekend, for example, University College London is hosting an online symposium about the reconstruction of Ukraine. In this article, Hedwig van der Linden and Oleksandra Tkachenko explore how the Dutch professional community of urbanists, planners and architects could help Ukraine to build back its cities together and better.
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aug 16

Support for Ukrainian artists in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has announced that it will allocate 1 million euros to support artists who were forced to flee their country after the Russian attack on Ukraine and are living in the Netherlands, to enable them to continue their work here. This programme is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, each allocating € 500,000. The Dutch Foundation for Literature is coordinating this support programme on behalf of the six national cultural foundations. Applications must be made by a Dutch legal entity, i.e. a cultural organisation or institution. The closing date of the support programme is 15 November 2022.
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meet-up → jun 26

International Synergy: The Annual UNUN Networking event

Henket Paviljoen (Ingang via het Melkkoppad), Museumpark, Rotterdam, 3015CX
We are excited to invite you to the Ukraine-Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN) annual networking meeting on June 26th during the Rotterdam Architecture Month festival. This year, we will gather at the Henket Pavilion with our partners and colleagues for an inspiring program. The event will feature presentations of various initiatives, engaging discussions, and opportunities to explore synergies that will contribute to our collective goals.

Don’t miss this chance to connect, collaborate, and innovate with fellow professionals in the urban development sector. See you there!

If you want to make noise for your initiative, please let us know in the registration form.

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