Ukraine - the Netherlands Urban Network

nov 02

Launch of UNUN at City Makers Congres

On Friday 4 November UNUN will be publicly launched at the City Makers Congres in Rotterdam. In a short Q&A, Ukrainian urban planner and initiator of UNUN, Oleksandra Tkachenko, talks to Chief Government Architect Francesco Veenstra. They will discuss the Dutch-Ukrainian cooperation in which spatial design professionals will use their collective brainpower for the reconstruction of Ukraine. This will also be the official launch of unun.nu, our online platform.
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sep 08

Build Ukraine back together – A call for exchange and creating networks

While the war in Europe is still an everyday reality, people around the world are starting to think about the rebuilding of Ukraine. This weekend, for example, University College London is hosting an online symposium about the reconstruction of Ukraine. In this article, Hedwig van der Linden and Oleksandra Tkachenko explore how the Dutch professional community of urbanists, planners and architects could help Ukraine to build back its cities together and better.
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aug 16

Support for Ukrainian artists in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has announced that it will allocate 1 million euros to support artists who were forced to flee their country after the Russian attack on Ukraine and are living in the Netherlands, to enable them to continue their work here. This programme is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, each allocating € 500,000. The Dutch Foundation for Literature is coordinating this support programme on behalf of the six national cultural foundations. Applications must be made by a Dutch legal entity, i.e. a cultural organisation or institution. The closing date of the support programme is 15 November 2022.
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mar 24

Free Archicad and BIMcloud SaaS licence for Ukrainian architects

KUBUS and Graphisoft are supporting architects who have had to flee Ukraine by proving free Archicad and BIMcloud SaaS licenses to companies that employ or hire these Ukrainian architects. In this way they hope to give these architects a chance to continue to practice their work.

The offered Archicad and BIMcloud SaaS licenses have a duration of 6 months for the time being. For more information about the possibility to receive a free Archicad and/or BIMcloud SaaS license, please contact Kubus via +31 (0)40 213 1950 or info@kubusinfo.nl.
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jan 01

Scholarships, Fellowships and grants for Ukrainian students to study abroad

The website wemakescholars.com has compiled a list of Dutch Scholarships, Fellowships and grants for Ukrainian students.
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