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lecture → feb 03 '23


Independent School for the City, Delftsestraat 33 Rotterdam
In their series of craftivism workshops, the Independent School for the City will now be looking into the centuries old but very now tradition of Vyshyvanka, the famous embroidery technique from Ukraine. Apart from telling stories and being connected to different regions, a Vyshyvanka is believed to be a talisman, bringing luck and protection to the person wearing the garment. The embroiderers have presently shifted to ‘embroidering’ camouflage nets to protect Ukrainian soldiers. During the Vyshyvanka workshop, which is led by Bogdana Postrygan, participants will design a message using the Vyshyvanka language to make a collective ‘embroidered’ camouflage net.

The School offers 3 spots for free participation by Ukrainian applicants. To qualify please send an email to info[@]schoolforthecity.nl