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→ jun 08 '23

The pop-up Exhibition: Re(dis)covering Ukraine

Flokk Blaak 28 3011 TA Rotterdam
The pop-up exhibition “Re(dis)covering Ukraine” showcases 5 projects by Ukrainian professionals who are currently based in the Netherlands. The pop-up exhibition is hosted by Flokk (Blaak 28) from June 8-30 and is part of Rotterdam Architecture Month. From temporary housing solutions for displaced people to the transformation of libraries and former Soviet Houses of Culture, we invite you to come see and discuss the projects with their makers in June.
5 designers re(dis)covering Ukraine
A journey through 5 perspectives for a re(dis)covered Ukraine. With the ‘VSIMDIM’ project, Alexandra Nikitenko provides a mobile housing solution for temporarily displaced people. The ‘Сities of belonging (Kharkiv & Rotterdam)’, by Daniel Kamchatnyi, creates artworks to foster unity. Oleksandra Naryzhna explores the Dutch experience in urban development for Ukrainian professionals in ‘Lessons for Ukrainian Cities’. In ‘The Future of Ukrainian Modernist Heritage’, Anastasiia Palii, focuses on renovating Soviet Houses of Culture to create youth cultural centres. Finally, ‘Transforming Libraries’, by Tatiana Rumilets, aims to strengthen local urban communities by transforming libraries into socio-cultural hubs. Together, these projects showcase creative solutions for addressing pressing issues in Ukraine and highlight the importance of cross-cultural collaboration.
The featured designers and researchers in this exhibition are part of the UNUN initiative, a growing community of Ukrainians in the Netherlands, Dutch architectural and spatial planning organisations and other spatial professionals who joined forces to exchange knowledge in the context of the reconstruction of Ukraine. 
Opening event, guided tours & workshops
To bring the projects a step further, several events will be organised where the designers and researchers will be present to share more about their work, as well as hosting talks, workshops and tours around the exhibition.

8 June, 17:00-19:00: Opening Night with project pitches and drinks
17 June, 13:30-17:30: Dag van de Architectuur, guided tours
24 June, 13:30-17:30: Open Bureaudag, guided tours
Workshop ‘Lessons for Ukrainian Cities’ by Oleksandra Naryzhna (date t.b.a.)
Workshop ‘Transforming Libraries’ by Tatiana Rumilets (date t.b.a.)
Expert Meeting ‘Transforming Libraries’ by Tatiana Rumilets (date t.b.a.)
The exhibition is co-organised by Flokk and Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR), and is supported by the Rotterdam Architecture Month, Dutch Foundation for Literature, Studio Kitsunya and Ukraine – The Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN). Other partners include Urban Reform, HISM, VSIMDIM, Vataha, and Ukrainian House.