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Symposium: 'Ukraine’s housing recovery forum' - rebuilding a place to call home

Bezuidenhoutseweg 30, The Hague
Sharing knowledge for action

The forum ‘Ukraine’s housing recovery - rebuilding a place to call home’ took place on February 15th 2023. The video of the forum is now placed online, as well as the slides of the powerpoints and some photos. You can find it by following the link below. Later, the organisers will add a report created on the insights that were shared during this afternoon.
Housing Recovery Symposium with Ukrainian and other European professionals
The invasion of Ukraine has caused considerable loss of life, damage to homes, and the erosion of livelihoods. Being able to return home is not only an aspiration for many, but essential to Ukraine’s social and economic recovery. Tangible efforts to rebuild homes and neighbourhoods offer hope to the millions of Ukrainians now displaced across Europe.

For these reasons, the rebuilding of homes and neighbourhoods require urgent attention and appropriate knowledge, technical assistance, together with adequate long-term investment. Therefore, a symposium is organised in The Hague. If you'd like to join, sign up below.The Netherlands and the large European community might be of help. For that reason, a symposium is organised in the Netherlands (The Hague) where Ukrainian and other European professionals share knowledge on (affordable) housing provision and urban development. The aim is helping to define the contours of future housing and land policies in Ukraine. The event will involve and address key stakeholders in the recovery, such as representatives of the Ukrainian government and the European Union.

Together with the many Ukrainian housing and urban professionals present in the Netherlands at this moment, experts from the Netherlands and beyond will present tools for the recovery of homes and neighbourhoods. Contributions from the Ukrainian government, the European Commission, Dutch government and the International Organisation of Migration will complete this unique half-day symposium.