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→ feb 14 '24

Studio Visit: Kokon

Rotterdam (details upon reservation)
We are pleased to announce the seventh studio visit to Kokon.
The studio session will be led by Ron van Leeuwen and Henk Middelkoop, directors and main architects of Kokon. You can explore different departments including architecture, urban design, technical development, and heritage to discover the work field of architects in The Netherlands and Rotterdam. The primary purpose of the visit is to discuss the collaboration for the rebuilding of Ukraine.

Please join us on Wednesday 14 February 16:00 - 18:30 at Rotterdam.
Access is free and for everyone – capacity is limited to 20 individuals. Please RSVP via the form.
about Kokon
Kokon Architecture & Urban Planning is a Rotterdam architectural firm with roots dating back to the 1930s. Led by architects ir. Ron van Leeuwen and ir. Henk Middelkoop, the firm specializes in housing, residential care projects, urban planning, and heritage preservation. Kokon's extensive portfolio, which includes several national monuments, demonstrates its nearly century-old dedication to creating beautiful, quality and socially sustainable designs.

Kokon's mission is valuable living. Our focus on social sustainability ensures that our designs are valuable to both current and future environment users, creating an accessible designed world with space for everyone. This includes housing, healthcare, and neighborhood development with special attention to urban planning and heritage.
Some of Kokon's most recent projects include:
* Hendrik Baskeweg: the upgrade of this facade is the world's largest 3D-printed concrete project. www.kokon.nl/en/projects/hendrik-b
* Plantage: the apartment complex, in collaboration with Van Der Hulst, was nominated for the Rijnland Architecture prize 2023 and is inspired by tulip bulb boxes. www.kokon.nl/en/projects/plantage-voorhout-en
* The Fizz: this newly opened housing complex offers space for 394 foreign students in Leiden and houses all the necessary facilities. www.kokon.nl/en/projects/LIV-Leiden-en
* Arsenal: this former armoury is being transformed into a luxury hotel by Kokon's heritage department. www.kokon.nl/en/projects/het-arsenaal-en
* Nieuw Rein: combining urban design with architecture, the complete design of this project is by Kokon and consists of 102 sustainable homes. www.kokon.nl/en/projects/nieuw-rein-en
(c) Kokon
(c) Kokon