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lecture → oct 19 '23

Build Back Better: Panel Discussion on Ukraine’s Reconstruction

Room 3.48, Leiden University Wijnhaven, Turfmarkt 99, The Hague
Russia’s full-scale invasion inflicted massive damage on Ukraine’s infrastructure. But what is needed to rebuild Ukraine? Why is it important to act now? And moreover, what role can young people play in these processes?

ABBA student association is organizing a Panel Discussion on Ukraine’s Reconstruction titled “Build Back Better” to try and answer these questions.
We will be joined by 3 speakers:
Robert SerryRobert Serry, 1st Ambassador of the Netherlands to Ukraine, and Founder of the Open Door Ukraine platform.
Oleksandra Tkachenko, Urban Planner at KuiperCompagnons, and Coordinator of the Ukraine Netherlands Urban Network.
Marieke Droogsma, Project Officer Ukraine at PAX for peace.
The discussion will be moderated by Karel Burger Dirven, 1st Honorary Consul of Ukraine to the Netherlands, Consultant, Supervisory Board Member, and EBRD International Advisor.