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lecture → dec 08 '22

After Comfort: On Architecture and Climate with Daniel A. Barber

Independent School for the City, Delftsestraat 33-3, Rotterdam
In collaboration with OASE, journal for architecture, which is publishing an issue on ecology and aesthetics this autumn, de Dependance organises an evening to explore ways in which the built environment could become less, not more, dependent on sophisticated technological fixes. In what ways can we embed climate-oriented measures in architecture itself? What consequences does this have for how our buildings look? And should we also adjust our expectations regarding the comfort offered by our houses and offices?
Since the advent of modern architecture, we in the West have relied heavily on fossil fuels to create stable interior environments, by either heating or cooling our buildings. One of the consequences of this self-imposed dependence on technological solutions is that we have lost the ability to adapt ourselves and our architecture to the climate. Now that it has become clear that this model has become unsustainable, architecture faces major challenges.